Narry Ship

niallhoran: In the comfort zone ! 

niallhoran: In the comfort zone ! 

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Niall and Harry cracking up in an interview (x

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Just Can't Let Her Go
One Direction / Where We Are

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Zayn in all his little outfits in music videos. So cute. My arm hurts now. Kiss you was the time to be alive. Bring me back!! :) 

They are on mugs and stuff.

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Harry helping Niall and the boys being worried (x)

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the little irish shit and his shenanigans at their finest x

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@Harry_Styles: Comes a time when the blind-man takes your hand, says “Don’t you see?”




Since many of you wanted to buy the things I made, I decided to instead explain it all how I did it in a few slides. Enjoy!! If you have any questions, do ask me!

the way you explained this my lungs nEed aiR

this is why me making tutorials is rare

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